Cordyceps Retail Brand

Cordyceps Retail Brand

Are you looking for a quality Cordyceps Retail Brand that gives real results to your customers?

The Medimush range includes Cordyceps and Premium Cordyceps. A results-focused product for both the mainstream market and the more discerning customer who recognises quality and can invest more in their health and wellbeing.

Why offer Cordyceps Retail brand to your customers:

Cordyceps is a unique substance that provides various benefits for your needs. More mature customers will experience more significant effects as their bodies start declining in later years. Studies show a substantial increase in ATP and cell energy and a boost in white blood cells for greater immune protection.  Each organ is made of cells, and when your cells work more efficiently, so can your organs, promoting overall health and wellness.

Cordyceps are one of the few medicinal products on the market that has a benefit for everyone, especially people over 40, as everyone will suffer from one of the below symptoms.


Some of the benefits of taking Cordyceps:

Boost the immune system

Managing cholesterol


Increase sport performance

Adrenal Fatigue

And more...

Why Trust Medimush brand?

Organic and vegan

Manufactured in a GMP facility

Pending FDA-approved formula

Lab-tested for heavy metals, bacteria and active ingredients

Manufactured under the trading name of The Panacea LTD, Thailand



Cordyceps PREMIUM  60 capsules.

Three times stronger than high street brands, using just the Cordyceps flower.


Cordyceps 60 Capsules