About MediMush - How it all began

health and wellness industryAbout MediMush - How it all began

Our Background

Medimush is co-owned by husband and wife Anthony and Kate Misawa.


A passion for nutrition and health is the foundation of the Medimush Company.

Kate is currently studying for a master's in interrogative medicine while running Medimush.

Kate started her career as a first-grade military nurse in Thailand.

Her passion quickly led her into the private sector to set up a medical spa focused on cell ageing and weight loss.

Anthony has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years. Anthony's passion for supplements started 26 years ago, and they noticed a massive variation in product quality and effectiveness.

Now 40, Anthony searched for a Supplement that had a powerful systemic effect on helping the human body, especially in later years of life; Cordyceps ticked all these boxes. Cordyceps has broad application for a variety of symptoms.


Why we are so passionate about supplements at MediMush

After many years of taking high-street supplements and seeing a varied response, we decided to grow a product for our brand, Medimush.

This allows us to control the quality and price of the Cordyceps product, helping people achieve their desired result from this powerful medicinal mushroom.


Why cordyceps, and what they are about?

We chose Cordyceps because of its broad application, sports, and medicinal uses.

After much research, we became aware of a critical function of the Cordyceps, which increases ATP in cells. 

ATP encourages the cell to work to its optimum as ATP is the cell's energy that forms each organ.

Ergo helps the organs to work efficiently, increasing energy and vitality. Cordyceps also boosts white blood cells, increasing the immune system.


About the MediMush Farm

The Farm is based in Thailand, south of Bangkok; we chose this location for many reasons, the primal one being the environment.

Make sure there is no pollution, keeping the purity and quality high. We are happy Medimush has become a family-run business.

Also, employing many locals to help farm each crop and support the local economy.

MediMush is based in Manchester, trading and distributing.


Private labelling with MediMush

We now offer a complete service to private label your brand, cutting out the middleman. We will help you design and formulate a name regulated by the FDA for worldwide distribution.

Try our Cordyceps here.