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4 Powerful Health Supplements for the New Year

14 May, 2024 17
Powerful Health Supplements

We are into the New Year, and for many, that’s a time for a change. Maybe we know we should be taking better care of ourselves on whichever level: physically, emotionally or spiritually. On a physical level, it can be harder to motivate ourselves in the cold January temperatures. The dark, early nights make us want to hibernate, and the last thing we want to do is detox or exercise. Ironically, this is the time of year we need it most, in order not to get sick. Health supplements are often more necessary than ever in January. The New Year is a time to relinquish the need for comfort foods and unhealthy habits. So if you want to start as you mean to go on, it might be an idea to set up a new health protocol for January and beyond. We have some ideas about health supplements to get you on the right track: First up is green superfoods, such as Moringa leaf and Mega Greens with MSM. Both are great health supplements for the New Year. Both of these powders are packed full of nutrients that will boost your immunity and antioxidant levels immeasurably.  

Health Supplements # 1: Moringa Oleifera

Moringa is called the 'Tree of Life' thanks to its nutrient profile. The Moringa leaf contains over ninety nutrients and forty-six antioxidants, plus the full range of essential amino acids and proteins needed for great health. In all green powders, you’ll find chlorophyll (plant blood), which is so closely related to human blood that your body can use it in the same way. Blood cell regeneration is one of the many benefits of green powder. Moringa capsules allow you to have a healthy vitamin K2 intake, protecting your heart and directing calcium to the correct places; that means bones rather than arteries. This powerful superfood is an incredibly useful product for alkalising your body; it also chelates, which means it removes heavy metals from your body. In short, with moringa you can expect a high nutritional intake, boosting your immunity and limiting the free radicals that are damaging your body each day. This means you’ll age less quickly and you’ll have bags of energy for the year ahead.

Health Supplements  #2: Mega Greens with MSM

This nutrient-dense green powder contains a selection of fruits and vegetables in bioavailable form for better absorption. Quality green powders such as this one contain both probiotics and prebiotics, so they’ll help your gut health. As so many health conditions start with gut imbalances, this is one of the most useful health supplements to kick start your new year. Mega Greens powder contains most of the nutrients found in typical fruit, veg and multivitamin supplements. It’s also packed full of helpful enzymes such as lactobacillus acidophilus. Find out about the full nutritional profile here. With either of these healthy green powders, you will notice many positive results. Provided that you aren’t doing anything to counteract it, you should see increased energy levels, improved mood and optimum vitality.

Health Supplement #3: A natural multivitamin

You can boost your health in a big way by opting for natural health supplements like Natural Multi. Natural beats synthetic hands down for both quality and bioavailability. The vitamins and pro-vitamins in this product are extracted from plant sources – no chemicals; it also contains a reasonable selection of minerals that your body can use. The capsules are set in a cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil base, which makes them gentle on the stomach and also aids absorption. In this supplement, you can find vitamins A, B complex, C, E, K2, and D3. It’s also got plenty of magnesium, selenium, copper, zinc and iodine. There’s also molybdenum and silicon.

Health Supplement #4: Vitamin C

Vitamin C doesn’t need much introduction, but here is some great information just in case. One thing you may not know is that a single bout of stress instantly drains up to 600mg of vitamin C from your reserves. As the body doesn’t naturally produce this vitamin, you’ll need to eat tons of organic fruit and vegetables… or you can supplement for strengthened immunity and cell regeneration. One of the easiest ways to ensure a strengthened immune system is to incorporate crucial health supplements like vitamin C. It is sensible to consistently use a powerful form of vitamin C, such as lypo-spheric vitamin C. This is 800 times more effective than a standard ascorbic acid supplement, and even 1 gram is equivalent to 10 grams of intravenous vitamin C. That’s a powerful dose! By adding these four health supplements into your daily routine, you’re bound to see amazing results and fast. Give yourself a head start this year and you’ll be flying through the year at your absolute best. Good luck!