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Going Green: Why You Need Superfood Powder For Health

14 May, 2024 5
superfood powder

These days there is a lot more interest and information circulating the net and natural health publications about the benefits of green superfood powder. Health food store shelves hold more places for these green goodness products than ever before, and there is a much wider range of options for getting your daily quota of greens. In times where people are busy with modern lives, juggling jobs and family responsibilities, spending the necessary time hunting down the appropriate selection of clean, green veg is more of a challenge than we would like it to be. Not all supermarkets stock a good range of organic vegetables and if you don’t have a healthy food store nearby that does, it can be all too easy to postpone your healthy diet indefinitely in favour of convenience.

Green superfood powder: modern problem... modern solution!

The problem with this is that the effects of pesticide-laden fruit and vegetables are cumulative in the body, but because we don’t notice the damage immediately, we can easily turn a blind eye to the effects of our choices. Those who are aware of this are making a better decision, though: green superfood powder. We believe in getting your nutrients from an organic, diverse diet consisting of whole foods and seasonal produce as often as possible; however, supplementing with well-chosen, quality products can give your body (and immune system) that necessary boost so that it is not all-important to have acquired the perfect grocery list every single week. As little as two teaspoons of green powder per day can be enough to keep you on track with your health goals or maintenance. It is also very easy to manage your diet this way; how difficult can it be to throw a couple of teaspoons of powder into your morning smoothie, or a glass of nut milk or juice? Even simple water can be used if you’re in a hurry and aren’t too bothered about the taste. Because of the finely-milled consistency of the powder, they’re also very easy for your body to digest, and as they’re natural, they’re extremely bioavailable (your body can use more of the nutrients). This simple method of attaining a power-packed, nutrient-dense diet is popular for good reason. The good thing is that you aren’t compromising on nutrition by doing it this way. On the contrary, in fact. Nutritionists will tell you that even one green powder supplement can be equivalent to a quality multivitamin in terms of health benefits if you choose the right one. Of course, it will help to go for both if you can.

What's so great about green superfood powder?

As well as containing most of the nutrients found in typical fruit, veg and multivitamin supplements, you can also get your probiotics and prebiotics from a good quality green powder and some powerful antioxidants. You can also expect to find enzymes (i.e. lactobacillus acidophilus) and coenzyme Q10 in some powders; furthermore, green foods contain a great deal of chlorophyll (‘plant blood’) which is a very important product for human health. The powders are often great for chelating (binding to and removing heavy metals from the body) essentially making them a detox tool as well. MediMush recommend that you take regular detox seriously; it is as important to cleanse toxic build-up from the body as it is to put good, healthy nutrients in. Another great way to detox at a cellular level is through the water with an ionic charge, as this collects the debris from the cells and literally hoovers them out of the body. Distilled water is a powerful detox tool that can be consumed on a daily basis to give your green powder even more chance to work wonders on the body. A green powder supplement such as Moringa powder or Mega Greens can provide you with over eighty of the necessary nutrients required to help your body function effectively on a daily basis. You will see the results in more ways than one, noticing a lift in energy levels, mood and general vitality, health and vitality.

Which superfood powder should you go for?

There are many on the market, most of which have plenty of health benefits, such as spirulina, wheatgrass, chlorella and more. MediMush particularly favours Moringa Oleifera (Moringa), which is known as the 'Tree of Life' as it is one of nature’s most nutritious foods. The Moringa leaf holds more than ninety nutrients and forty-six antioxidants, as well as all of the essential amino acids and proteins you need for perfect health. Moringa is also an extremely powerful and potent alkalising product and MediMush believe that alkalising the body is the most important way to stave off ill-health over the course of your life. Find out exactly why Moringa is so powerful here. The other favourite at MediMush is Mega Greens Powder fortified with MSM. This powder has a list of powerful ingredients almost too long to mention! In this carefully created supplement, you can find healthy foods such as barley grass, beetroot powder, broccoli, carrot, dandelion leaf, garlic, ginger, sage, spearmint, spinach, alfalfa, aloe, kale, MSM, cauliflower, avocado, green tea and many more. Whichever green powder you decide to go for, it is important to choose carefully and make sure that you know what is in the ingredients, whether there are enough of them to suit your personal needs and whether the highest quality is present. It is also important to make these green powders part of your daily routine, as you can’t expect to notice too many health benefits if you take them just when you can remember to. MediMush will be happy to talk to you about these products and any of the other powerful health products we’ve carefully selected or created to bring you the full range of options you need for great, long-lasting health!